We are focused on ethical content production for digital purposes such as corporate blogs and social media channels. Our cornerstone is knowing how the ethical fashion industry works and how the conscious millennial consumer thinks. We realize short individual projects as well as long-term projects to strengthen your company whether small or big. We offer our service in English and German language.


At the beginning a strategy is key. Especially for long-term projects you need a good strategy. We would be happy to advise you on the development of your strategy. To support you in a realistic goal formulation and decisions making we offer analyses such as target group analyses (customers), competitor analyses and trend analyses. 


Once your strategy and goal has been defined, we start planning the content. We plan the best original content for you such as texts, photos and videos for your corporate blog, landing page, social media and more. We work with the best freelancers specialized in their field and briefed by us.


We write and copy edit high-quality texts for your campaigns, editorials, advertorials, landing pages, cornerstone articles, investigative articles, interviews, brand missions, social media postings, newsletter and more.


We produce high-quality imagery for digital usage such as social media and blog postings. This includes fashion campaigns, editorials (also unique images), styling tutorials, street style, still life, runway, backstage, portrait and more.


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